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Enterprise Logging and Monitoring

At APIAGNE we enable Enterprises with secure, fast and scalable solution by monitoring critical log data in Real-Time which in turn helps businesses in Troubleshooting and proactive monitoring

Enterprise Security Monitoring

Experience powerful, efficient threat detection and response through security analytics from APIAGNE Enterprise Cloud Security Monitoring

IT Operational Intelligence

Gain Holistic Insight into IT Operations and Security with Real-Time Operational Intelligence Technology

IT Automation

We have proven expertise in keeping technologies like AI and Machine learning to achieve 70% more Efficiency by coordinate people tasks, automate repetitive works and get visibility for continuous process improvement

Four basic steps to remember

It's easy for people to think that situations are more of an emergency than, in reality, they really are...

Step 1: Plan

First, identify the problem. You may find it useful to use Drill Down , Cause and Effect Diagrams. Once this is done, it may be appropriate to map the process, as it is at the root of the problem . Next, add any other information that will help to start sketching out solutions.

Step 2: Do

This phase involves several activities: Generate possible solutions. Select the best of these solutions, perhaps using techniques like Impact Analysis to scrutinize. Implement a pilot project on a small scale basis, with a small group, or in a limited geographical area, or using some other trial design appropriate to the nature of the problem, product or initiative..

Step 4: Act

Now we implement our solution fully. However, note that using the PDCA Cycle doesn't necessarily stop there. If we are using the PDCA or Deming Wheel as part of a continuous improvement initiative, we need to loop back to the Plan Phase (Step 1), and seek out further areas for improvement.

Step 3: Check

In this phase, we measure how effective the pilot solution has been, and gather any lessons learned that could make it even better. We may also decide to repeat the "Do" and "Check" phases, incorporating additional improvements. Once we are finally satisfied that the costs would outweigh the benefits of repeating the Do - Check sub-cycles, we can move on to the final phase.

Splunk Professional Services

Core Splunk Enterprise

Processes, Deployment, Support, Dashboards, Reports, Alerts, Splunk Apps.

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Splunk Enterprise Security

Deployment, Support, CIM Compliance, sourcetypes, tags, data models.

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IT Service Intelligence

Deployment, Support, Glass tables, Deep Dives, KPI, Services, Multi-KPI Alerts.

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Splunk Managed Services

We maintain your Splunk Environment so you can focus on your business. This include On-prem, Splunk Cloud, or hosted solutions such as in AWS.

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Splunk Consulting Services

All of our consultants hold certifications and acreditations beyond "Splunk Certified Architect". They bring the level of expertise needed to define and drive your implementation strategy.

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Splunk Health Checks

We will examine your Splunk environment, share final recommendations to maximize your return on your Splunk investment..

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